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" ... advertising is hard. After spending all the budget on paid advertising, we're not yet profitable."

The quote above is from an e-commerce business owner we recently met.

The fact is that the vast majority of businesses will lose money trying to run their own ads.

Using paid traffic is an art and a science in its own right. It's not something that someone who 'does a bit of marketing' can easily learn from watching a few YouTube videos. It is a specific potion of content and platform analysis and monetisation strategy, shaken and stirred with a garnish of funnel build and analytics.

Call Me Sunday's team has collectively been through Pandas, Penguins, and Hummingbirds. Our OG, Mary, in fact worked on one of the first-ever digital campaigns (and will tell you all about it if you make her a nice cup of tea.)

We take the guesswork out of paid social for businesses who want to accelerate and scale their ads. Think of us as your in-house agency that doesn't take up any of your office space.

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Unlock Your Full Potential: How We can help You


Lead Gen for Business

Super-effective lead generation for new and established businesses looking to scale. Our team has worked with brands like Shopify and Growth Rabbit. Using proven techniques and experience to pinpoint your potential markets, we take the data and build you a detailed and bespoke super-effective targeted marketing and sales strategy. We pride ourselves on a friendly, honest, and flexible approach. Oh yes - and we get RESULTS too. Why not book a free consultation and see if we're a good fit for your brand?


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Social Media Coaching

Running a full advertising campaign is an investment, and best suited to established businesses with a ring-fenced budget. If you're not quite there yet and just want to run maybe one or two ads to 'test the water' then why not invest in some expert coaching and learn how to do it right? Our advertising and social media workshops are industry rated and cover all aspects of marketing, advertising, and lead generation.

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Advertising Funnel Build

So you're an established business, with a marketing budget, and you're looking to run a campaign to fire up your sales? Your funnel is a series of steps signposting your prospective customer from their first meeting with your business, through the purchasing stage, and ultimately to add-to-cart. It might include some or all of: your adverts, organic content (e.g. Instagram posts), your website, an email sequence, text responders, chatbot, etc. We can build and manage your funnel, and our expertise will ensure that it's the best one for your individual business. 

We Put the 'WOW' in Client Satisfaction!


"If anyone is contemplating using Facebook advertising for their business then look no further.”

- Sue Cawthray
Harrogate Neighbours Association


"Excellent and spot on!"

- Gavin Williams
Grandesco Web Design & Marketing Agency


"Mary obviously understands advertising."

- Jess Falconer



" ... [the] ad copy and landing pages looked fantastic and the campaign has had a brilliant impact ..."

- Claire Roberts

Rutley Clark Unique Homes


"Mary knows what she is doing. She's always there to answer any questions. I can't recommend her enough."

- Max Taylor
Maxwell Media


"Very effective for our business."

- Sam Ramsay
The Curly Hair Project 

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